Let me inquire you something. Believe of the first time you believed about learning karate or Kung Fu. What is the thing that stands out in your thoughts that is various had been you to have thought about boxing? Yes, you're correct! It's the kicks! The kicks are unwittingly the attraction that Asian-style martial arts have for all of us. And what … Read More

Sorry it's been a while because I last posted on here. Just been quite busy. Thought it would be a good idea to run via a couple of important suggestions that will elevate your practice and improve your technique.Some people -- when meditating -- attempt to feel a connection between themselves and the universe. But this is not in conflict with Chri… Read More

As a beginner, it is just as important to know when you are not residing in the moment. A fast two-2nd body check can tell you. Brief, hyperventilated respiration. Unblinking tunnel eyesight. Body posture leaning towards an imaginary end line. Lost center of gravity. Tense joints and racing blood, as if you were chasing or becoming chased by a want… Read More

Last 7 days, my mother came to stay with me after getting an unexpected emergency appendectomy. It was a joy to be in a position to pamper her. Mom's graciousness in receiving my treatment taught me important classes about the healing power of skillful receiving. She, who is always the caretaker of others, softened into the pleasure of being cared … Read More